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“Thank you for your balance of care and professional support, I will always be grateful for the change I have made in my life with your support. I am no longer a critic of hypnosis as I am an example of the wonders it holds. I now have self confidence and I have been promoted at work in part due to this and my new ability to cope with new challenges"


"I am a busy business professional and CEO. I do not have time to hesitate or stop and value multi-tasking cost effective methods. This is why the combination of hypnotherapy and REBT appealed to me. After the agreed eight sessions I am more productive, feel even more able and have changed my mindset which has brought me more business and a balance with my personal life for the first time in my life"



"For the first time in a long time my child has been understood. The specialist hybrid skills you offer through your Psychometric Assessments AND therapy meant my child with Special Educational Needs not only received the support they needed and deserved BUT passed their exam and is now seeing the bright future ahead of them, thank you is not enough"


Аманда тактичный, интеллигентный, сдержанный человек, любящий детей, умеющий находить с ними общий язык, организована и терпелива, очень аккуратна. За три года сотрудничества с Амандой она ни разу не опоздала на работу, никаких упреков в нашу сторону, если нам приходилось задерживаться. С ребенком всегда была вежлива, внимательна, терпелива, умеет слушать ребенка, занять играми, умеет переключать внимание, если бывали капризы. Знает много развивающих методик, благодаря которым наша дочь лучше подготовлена к школе. Придерживалась нашей точки зрения на воспитание ребенка. Всегда адекватно реагировала на замечания. Причина нашего расставания - переезд в другую страну.

Мы рекомендуем Аманду для работы в другой семье в качестве гувернантки.

"Our very young child was suffering from anxiety from monsters under
the bed, to wetting themselves, to not sleeping. After sessions with

Nable Potential, our child has no more anxiety and is just like their peers. We are amazed and delighted."



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“I am pleased to write a testimonial regarding Amanda's Progress Assessment Service. She assessed our children's English pronunciation, comprehension and Mathematics abilities. In addition, Amanda provided a detailed and in-depth education report for each child. Amanda was kind and warm during each assessment session. Our children, aged 6 and 8, thoroughly enjoyed her company. Amanda's professionalism shone through the comprehensive reviews she produced and impressed us dearly."

我很高兴地推荐Amanda 的英语数学进展服务。她分别给我两个六岁和八岁的孩子进行了单独的英语发音,阅读和数学综合能力评估。她在整个过程中非常专业和热情。我的两个孩子很喜欢她。她事后给我提供了一份非常详细的归纳总结,让我们受益匪浅。


"Miss Amanda thank you for listening to me and not thinking I am stupid or lazy. I am feeling more confident in myself now and I am trying new things and not letting my ADHD get in my way. Thank you!"



“Amanda, I did it! I presented at a big work meeting and although I used my anchor to make sure I felt extra calm, I don't think I needed it. Our minds are just so amazing. Also, I got a promotion in part due to my new confidence. What is more than thank you?"


"I wanted to write personally to thank you from the whole of my heart. I have a new lease of life! My old emotions have finally released and I no longer have anxiety or my phobia. I feel like my world is my oyster for the first time. What is the opposite of a mid life crisis - I am having one of those! Endless thanks!"


"Hypnotherapy has intrigued me for years and most recently I came across the services of Amanda Owles. Previously I tried a hypnotherapist in the UK to help me with a sleeping issue but after several sessions it didn't appear to be working.


Meeting Amanda was different. She explained how the process worked, I had to be onboard fully and I may also have homework to do as a result. It was about a client and therapist working together to share what worked and what didn't. The approach was good. After a couple of sessions, I was already sleeping better and will continue the sessions.  It’s a great result for me as i am already feeling the difference in my daily life as I am less tired during the day and getting a full night sleep."

S. M.

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