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My main focus is to provide help and support to young people and those involved in shaping the futures of young people, allowing them to flourish and be the best they can be. 

Having developed my teaching degree into two related Masters degrees and a number of specialist CPD accreditations which enable me to lawfully present my skills in both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy settings. 



Embarking on psycho or hypno therapies relies, to a large extent, on creating and building trust, children instinctively recognise insincerity without necessarily understanding what that is.

Throughout my extensive work with children, I have developed key and unique skills to equip me with the ability to listen to and address your  or their needs, in a mutually acceptable format.

My process is always to initially embark on a mutual discovery session, this is the basis to form a bond of trust and to understand how best we think I can help you. 


Through the journey of Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, the barriers of everyday life and common yet debilitating anxiety and stress from work or personal lives can be addressed and overcome. 


We find ourselves living in a fast paced world which negates the ability for us to take time for ourselves and focus on repairing our problems. Yet with the development of technology, we are now able to offer psychotherapy and hypnotherapy on-line which allow those I work with to maintain their goals whilst fitting in with their busy schedules.  


I have extensive qualifications and experience to help you with any concern and have been recognised with a special education award by the Government of Qatar.


I am here to help you! Together we can develop a programme specifically tailored to your needs and desired outcomes, to achieve your goals, to enable you to wake up in the morning feeling energised and empowered to face the world with a smile, to own the day and everyday after.

Let’s Work Together

Sentosa, Anson Road,

Dempsey Hill, Singapore


Tel: + 65 98334010

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