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Our Offering 

How can we help you?

Support can come in many forms and finding the right approach for you is essential. Use this page to navigate and understand the products and services we offer to assist you on your journey to overcoming your barriers. One size does not fit all, whether it is child assessments or direct help for yourself, we can tailor to your needs.   


Bespoke and eclectic therapy tailored to your needs for children and adults. Using a range of approaches including CBT, REBT, Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Education & Assessments

Specialist tailored support to children and parents of children. This can range from psychometric and educational progress assessments to specialist tuition for SEND and international school entrance.

Education & Assessments
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Corporate Consultancy

Are you wanting to get the best out of your team or organisation? We are here to enable you to understand yourself and those around you in order to achieve greater outcomes together. As consultants, we are able to view you and your organisation through an independent lens allowing us to step back and create a road-map for success. We draw on the wide range of experience we have from working with various businesses across a range of sectors addressing numerous workplace barriers and challenges including working with government bodies on national SEND policies and reviewing Psychometric Assessments results performed on diverse and international teams.

Consultancy for Educators

CPD for schools, education establishments and educators. Focusing on whole school, management staff, teaching staff, teaching assistants and parent support.

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Families & Children

Sleep Consultancy for babies from 6 weeks onward, preparing for, and surviving entrance tests, assessments and interviews for international schools- 3+-11+- 13+ and beyond.

Permanent and part-time Governess/Governor

Every family is different. Whether you are looking for full or part-time, either temporary or longterm, we can find the right governor or governess for you. 

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